Acid regeneration

Acids in industrial waste water represent enormous disposal costs and pose a danger to employees and the environment. Our goal is therefore the recovery or processing of these (in)organic acids. In this way, such substances can be returned to the production process without a costly use of chemicals for neutralisation (and its disposal) being necessary. We achieve this through an interaction of evaporation and crystallisation processes, ion or selective exchangers, via membrane dialysis and other processes.

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Aluminium bright plating bath recovery Albea, Offenburg

The recovery of the aluminium bright plating bath by means of a forced circulation evaporator system at ALBEA in Offenburg is also based on the evaporation/crystallisation principle.

Glanzbadrückgewinnung bei Almeco, Frankreich

In Verbindung mit einem Selektivaustauscher werden Spülwasser und verbrauchte Badlösung eines Aluminium-Glanzbads auf Phosphorsäurebasis weitestgehend von Al- separiert und auf Badqualität aufkonzentriert.

Bright plating bath recovery at SATMA, France

In conjunction with a selective exchanger, rinse water and spent bath solution of a phosphorus-based aluminium bright plating bath are separated to the greatest possible extent from Al and concentrated to bath quality.

Polishing bath recovery at Nachtmann lead crystal plants

With the aid of this evaporation system, a mixture of rinsing waters containing sulphuric acid as well as waste acid with a weight concentration of about 20 to 65% is concentrated to 85% H2SO4 and used again for polishing. There are impurities of hydrofluoric acid with around 1% weight concentration.


Here will be concentrated a phosphoric concentration to 84%.  A specially developed system provides highest security.