Thermal processes

In this chapter you will find process descriptions for our systems. There is information on versatile evaporation, extraction and regeneration processes.

Evaporation technology

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Liquid-liquid extraction

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Engineering, construction & delivery of equipment for liquid extraction, distillation & crystallization

Liquid-liquid extraction is always sought when very large flow rates have to be selectively separated. The process works thermally gentle. Liquid-liquid extraction is also known as solvent extraction. In several steps, the liquid substances are mixed with an extractant, separated, washed and extracted, and finally, after the solvent recovery, they are actually separated. Whether this happens by distillation or by crystallization, must be decided in each case of the task.

Many steps in solvent recovery 

The focus of the process engineering is not only the solvent recovery, but also the purification of the extract. Whether by crystallization or distillation depends on the substances - we are glad to advise you.

While the extraction phase undergoes a washing process after the extraction and only then is separated from the extractant, the raffinate phase always contains small amounts of the extractant. The extractant is in the system in a cycle. As a result, impurities accumulate over time, which may disturb the process and therefore have to be removed.

Liquid-liquid extraction process hardly needs energy

While the liquid-liquid extraction itself requires rather little energy and is not too expensive in terms of investment, this looks quite different with the regeneration part of the extraction plant. Here the solvent recovery takes place, because it is a thermal process, therefore the invest costs lays here.

Many services for the liquid-liquid extraction

Of course, all services that have to do with it are part of the spectrum.Whether it is a distillation / evaporation, a rectification / absorption or drying / crystallization: we support you.
And right from the start: The right process is selected and the right extractant. Together with you, we carry out laboratory and pilot tests, help with the regeneration and take over the delivery of the apparatus. In addition, we undertake the project management as well as the creation of the complete system. Our range of services extends right through to plant installation, automation, control techniques and visualization, and of course the structure of the rectification column is included.

Recovery of acids & regeneration of metals: pickling bath regeneration

Pickling bath regeneration is a thermal process developed together by Schulz+Partner and FRAMATOME. It is used for the recovery of acids and for the recovery of metals. Also during the pickling bath regeneration all chemical substances are recovered.

The pickling bath regeneration allows the recovery of nitric acid - HNO3 by 99%. Hydrofluoric acid - HF can be recovered by up to 99% in pickling bath regeneration, with metals and water the recovery rates are slightly lower. The pickling bath regeneration is therefore not equally suitable for all types of substances.

From rectification column to crystallization and back again. Through the liquid-liquid extraction

Distillation: often referred as evaporation, we take care of heat pump evaporators on this field. We build forced and natural circulation evaporators, falling film evaporators and evaporators with vapor compression. With us you also are able request thin-film evaporators.

During crystallization, salts are crystallized, which were previously obtained as part of the liquid-liquid extraction. These are usually aqueous solutions, whereby the solids are recovered by crystallization, which then settle in crystalline form.
Of course, in larger quantities, what works at home on the windowsill in the sunlight with a glass of water and salt is not that easy anymore: crystallization is designed for efficiency.

In the field of rectification and absorption we also build an individual rectification column for you.

When it comes to rectification, we are here for you. From the engineering of your distillation column through construction, installation and commissioning, we take over all  steps. You will receive a comprehensive introduction to rectification technology. As a reliable partner of the chemical industry and related branches, we have a lot of experience and basically offer tailor-made solutions. And in all areas - let it be it the crystallization, a pickling bath regeneration or the solvent recovery.