Drying technology

This is used for concentration of solutions until complete drying. According to the requirements and the behaviour of the media during the concentration, two different systems are used:

  • Thin film dryer Type TFD
  • Agitated dryer Type DRY
  • Heat pump dryer Type DRYfix®
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TFD - Thin film dryer

Continuous drying in a thin film dryer usually delivers a powdery product which seems to be absolutely dry, but actually still contains residual moisture in the range of a few percent. The pendulum wiper arms of the rotor work without wall contact at a gap of approx. 0.5mm.

The system can be operated at ambient pressure and under vacuum. However, the solids discharge by a sluice is costly

Thin film dryer scheme Thin film dryer scheme legend

DRYfix® - Dryer with heat pump

This series is suitable for media that require a stirrer evaporator or that must have low residual moisture.

The medium is sucked into the dryer, where it is heated with the condensation energy of the refrigerant in the jacketed tank and its parts vaporise. A stirrer prevents adhesion to the heat exchanger. The medium is thus dried to the desired concentration. The residue can be removed from the front opening.

Schulz+Partner - DRYfix® schema Schulz+Partner - DRYfix® Schema