Schulz+Partner GmbH - Services

Schulz+Partner is your partner for thermal process engineering and the processing of process fluids. We not only offer optimisation options for existing systems and processes, but also provide all planning and development work for the construction of chemical and industrial installations:

 Preliminary projects, problem solving, consulting

 Process design, calculations, process simulation

 Laboratory tests, piloting

 Basic and detail engineering

 Automation, measuring and control technology

 Material procurement

 Construction management

 Commissioning, FAT/SAT

 Service, regular maintenance and spare parts delivery

 Staff instruction

for example:

We advise and support our customers in the development of their process, from the selection of the extraction agent, to the laboratory and pilot experiments for the extraction and subsequent regeneration, to the delivery of the apparatus and the planning and construction of the entire system. Even in the age of computers, which we use for constructive and visual planning of our plants, the purely computational treatment of extraction equipment cannot be one-hundred percent certain due to the large number of influences. Sound knowledge and experience are therefore required for safe design. Our expertise is based on years of experience and a large number of implemented industrial systems and apparatuses. A presentation of some of these systems can be found on this homepage. We’ll also be happy to advice you in person at any time.