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Crystallisation + Separation

Healing salt extraction from Speltenbacher Thermalspring

Crystallisation - The thermal water is pre-concentrated to approx. 86 % in the vacuum evaporator type EVA 450. The accumulating destillate is continually fed into a collector.
The concentrate is discontinually drawned in another container, from which the thermalsole is fed into the vacuum evaporator type CONfix 60 and is concentrated and cristallised further.
The destillate is continually fed in the corresponding container. The crystal paste is discontinually fed to a specifically developed separation unit (look also plantsspecial purpose solutions).

Separation - In the separation unit, the separation of crystals from the mother liquor is carried out in a "Big-Bag" due to gravity.
The crystals are thus separated, the filtrate is drawn back in the collector and further crystallized in the evaporator type CONfix.
The plant is visualised and operated by a personal computer with a monitor.

EVA 450 + CONfix 60 - Heat Pump Evaporators

Stainless steel (1.4404)

Coolant R134a
Destillate capacity  

500 kg/h
Salt capacity

25 kg/h
Speltenbacher Thermalwasser; Austria
Healing salt extraction from thermal water

Further Informations about Speltenbacher Healing-Salts

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