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Heat Pump Evaporation

Heat pump evaporators
operate on the basis of a compressor-driven refrigerant circuit. As the name indicates,
the system "refrigerates" (or cools) on the low-pressure side while generating
an equal amount of heat on the high-pressure side. Where refrigeration is the
sole objective, such heat is normally dissipated into the ambient atmosphere. Our
heat-pump evaporators, in contrast, utilize both the heat output and the
refrigerating capacity in a complementary manner: the heat generated is used
for evaporation, while the “cold” output is simultaneously employed for vapour condensation.
This explains the exceptional 90% efficiency of these evaporators. Apart from
the power for the compressor, the plant
requires no further
energy input at all.

We offer three different type series as standard plants:

Forced Circulation Evaporator CONfix®

Natural Circulation Evaporator EVA

Dryer DRYfix®

Special-purpose designs are always available on request.

This type of Evaporators offer a number of positive features:

  • 90 % energy conservation
  • No cooling or hot water, no vapor required,
    just electrical power
  • Autonomous systems
  • Modular design
  • Pre-assembled in base frames
  • Pretested
  • Low boiling temperatures under vacuum (<50°C)

Operating under vacuum provides several further advantages, like a reduced corrosion. It is also suitable for heat-sensitive feed products and using a plastic heat exchanger allows to process even hydrochloric and hydroflouric acids.

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CONfix® - Forced Circulation Evaporation with Heat Pump

If you like to concentrate liquids that easily
lead to encrustations on the heating surfaces, this is the right
A circulating pump is
used to deliver the product through an external heat exchanger into the flash vessel.
The product is only moderately heated without boiling when passing through the
heat-exchanger, to be subsequently evaporated in the flash vessel. This
minimizes deposits and encrustations.

Type series CONfix®-Standard


EVA - Natural Circulation Evaporation with Heat Pump

This type of plant is used for smaller volumes of process liquid and for simple tasks. For further information please download our handout "Heat Pump Evaporators".

 Type series EVA



DRYfix® - Dryer with Heat Pump

This type series is ideal for processing media requiring an evaporator with agitator, as well as in cases where the concentrate must have a low residual humidity.

Type series DRYfix®