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Acid Processing

Acids in industrial wastewaters result in enormous wastedisposal costs and also present a danger for employees and environment. Our goal is therefore the recycling of these (an)organic acids. Thus, such substances can be re-fed to the production process without an expensive use of chemicals for neutralisation and their subsequent disposal.
We reach this through combining evaporation and crystallisation processes, ion- or selektive interchanger, through diaphragm dialysis and other proceedings.

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The recirculation of an aluminum brilliant bath to the base of phosphoric acid with a forced circulation evaporator plant of ALBEA in Offenburg is based on the evaporation/crystallisation principle.

ZUVV 150 S

Brilliant bath recycling at SATMA, France

In conjunction with a selective interchanger rinse water and wasted bath solution from a aluminium brilliant bath (on the basis of phosphoric acid) are separated from Al- and concentrated to bath quality.

Treatment of chromic acid using a titanium evaporator at SFG

The rinse water from a chromic acid (on the basis of methanesulfonic acid) of this plastic-electroplating company is concentrated to required bath quality.

Recovering of polishing bath at Nachtmann-Bleikristallwerke

This evaporation plant is used to cencentrate a mixture of rinse water containing sulphuric acid and other wasted acid (of 20 to 65 % by wght.) to 85 % by wght. H2SO4 and used in the polishing process again. The contamination with hydrofluoric acid is about 1 % by wght.