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Regeneration of Pickling Baths

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Regeneration Process for Pickling Baths

The regeneration process presented here was developed by Schulz+Partner in cooperation with Cesus/Areva (France). It is used for recovering pickling bath acids and separating the metals contained in them.

The following preconditions must be met:

  • The acids have to be steam-volatile, such as nitric acid, hydrochloric acid or hydrofluoric acid
  • Other acids (such as sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid) cannot be processed. They remain in the bath as additional residues

The following recovery rates can be achieved:

  • Nitric acid up to 99%
  • Hydrofluoric acid, depending on metal and metal concentration between 40 and 99%
  • Water between 85 and 95% (depending on type of crystals)
  • Metal up to 100%

Advantages of the process:

  • No wastewater; full recovery and separation
  • Vacuum process, therefore lower corrosion risk
  • Compact process

We already have experience with:

  • Zirconium
  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • High-alloyed stainless steel

Crystallisation system AREVA, France