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Rectification Absorption

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The rectification or countercurrent-distillation is a procedure for the thermal precision separation of complex mixes. Contrary to a simple distillation, one part of the condensate continuously runs towards the vapor and thus allows a great mass transfer between gas- and liquid phase.


  • high separation capacities
  • smaller energy consumption than consecutive single distillations
  • continuous operation


Absorption refers to the absorption of gases and vapors in liquids. Toxic or valuable substances are transferred from the gas-phase into the liquid detergent-phase and can be isolated in a further processing step.


  • simple process conditions (mostly ambient pressure and temperature)
  • high gas flow density and short retention time
  • insusceptible to fluctuations of concentration


Rectification and absorption columns resemble in construction and application. Depending on demand of separation, different equipments are employed to improve the change between gas and liquid.


Packs made from steel plate, metallic tissue or plastic material are employed with complex mixtures without precipitate or solid fraction. They are advantageous with low pressure loss and high separative power because of the consistent phase division.


The column is assembled selectively with perforated plates, cross flow-, bubble-cap- and tunnel trays if the product inclines to incrustation or if great throughput changes occur.