Used Materials and Process Mediums

The materials used for our plants depend on their application or field of use.
We exclusively choose high quality and long-lasting materials in order to assure high process reliability and high durability of our installations.
Such materials are for example:

  • Stainless steel
  • High-alloy stainless steel  (304, 904 L, 316 Ti, etc.)
  • Hastelloy
  • Steel (coated)
  • Titanium

Depending on the media to be treated, the inner surfaces of the containers and heat exchangers are coated with, for example, rubber, PFA, E-CTFE, Blue Amor, PVDF, PTFE, graphite, PTFE-impregnated graphite or silicon carbide.

Process Mediums

Our plants are capable of handling the following special tasks:

  • Acids

    • Hydrogen chloride  HCl
    • Chromic acid  H2CrO4
    • Hydrofluoric acid  HF
    • Nitric acid  HNO3
    • Sulphuric acid  H2SO4
    • Phosphoric acid  H3PO4 
    • and many more... 

  • Polymers

    • N-Methylbutyrolactam  NMP
    • N-Methylmorpholine-N-Oxid  NMMNO
    • Polyvinylpyrrolidone  PVP  (C6H9NO)n
    • and many more...

  • Solvants

    • Dichlorethane  C2H4Cl2
    • Ethanol  C2H6O
    • Isopropanol  C3H8O
    • Hexane  C6H14
    • Toluene  C7H8
    • Heptane  C7H16
    • and many more...